Calling Queensland’s Parkinson’s Community  


One of the roles of Parkinson’s Queensland is to advocate on behalf of people living with and impacted by Parkinson’s in Queensland and that is a role that we take incredibly seriously.

Over the past few months, the Executive team of Parkinson’s Queensland have commenced an advocacy campaign to the Queensland Government to highlight the needs of the Parkinson’s Community and to lobby for increased services and programs.

It is now time to intensify this campaign and amplify the #MakeParkinsonsaPriority message to such a volume that the Queensland Government has no choice but to hear it.

How can you help?
If you are not a member of Parkinson’s Queensland I ask that you to take a moment to join and help us to make our collective voice louder.

If you are a member, there are a number of steps you can take to help us to stand together and #MakeParkinsonsaPriority. This includes writing to your local MP (see the template emails to the right of this text) or joining our Members Only Facebook Group where we can keep you updated with news and next steps about the campaign.

We have a small window of opportunity in the lead up to the State election on October 31 and with all of you in our corner we have a much better chance of convincing our Parliamentarians to #MakeParkinsonsAPriority through these and other important initiatives.

Encourage your friends, family and community to unite for the fight and become a member of Parkinson’s Queensland – it’s time to make real change in the lives of everyone impacted by Parkinson’s in Queensland.

What are we asking for?
Based on member feedback highlighting the lack of knowledge of Parkinson’s in a number of areas including;
– Emergency Departments,
– Hospitals Generally,
– Allied Health Professionals,
– GPs
– Aged Care Providers,
– Home Care Service Providers
– Even the NDIA.

Parkinson’s Queensland is actively  advocating  in two key areas – funding for two Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse Educators (PSNE) and for improvements in access to health services for those is rural and regional Queensland.

Our Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse Educators would be there to provide education and information to those providing care or services to people with Parkinson’s across our State.

They would also run webinars/seminars on a range of Parkinson’s related topics to inform and educate the Parkinson’s community and would assist in the development of educational resources.

We believe they would provide an important link between health, allied services, the aged care sector and the Parkinson’s community.   

Our PSNEs would be located in Far North Queensland and in Brisbane respectively.

It is clear that there is a significant gap in knowledge and this could lead to people with Parkinson’s not getting the level of care or services they require.

The issue becomes even more acute the further away we get from the South East corner of Queensland.     

These initiatives are just the beginning.

We must stand together to #MakeParkinsonsaPriority as there is strength in numbers so please join us today and help us to unite for Parkinson’s by going to our website and clicking “Become a member” button or call our office and of the team will take your details.

It is time to become more than just a statistic, use your voice to make change in the Parkinson’s community.

Kind regards,

Miguel A. Diaz
Chief Executive Officer


Each of the letters is a ‘Click-to-type’ letter that you can fill in from the comfort of your computer, phone or tablet. 

You can then save this document to a local drive and email it direct by clicking the direct email button listed. 

Alternately, if you type in your details, each of these letters can be printed and posted or hand delivered if that was your preferred method of delivery. 

Your ongoing support is vital for us to continue to assist the lives of the 18,500 people with Parkinson’s in Queensland.

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