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Calls For Participants – Trials & Studies

Parkinson’s Queensland is pleased to support current research into Parkinson’s. Please find below a list of the research projects we are currently aware of.

Movement Disorder Research Project
Project Number or ID: 2019001431
Start and End Date: 29-08-2019 to 29-08-2024
PhD Candidate: Samra Naz
Supervisor: Prof Pankaj Sah, Dr Francois Windels
Ethics Approval: 29 August 2019

Ms Samra Naz is looking for participants with movement disorders (e.g. Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, dystonia etc.) and healthy controls with age ranging from 35-75 years. The study aim is to better quantify symptoms associated with these conditions to provide better personalized diagnosis.

Speak Out Speech Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease.
SPEAK OUT is a therapy program designed for people with Parkinson’s Disease. You will work together with a speech pathologist for 12 weeks completing speech, voice and cognitive exercises. This program emphasizes speaking with intent and changes speech from an automatic function to an intentional act.



QUT: Passive Heating for Parkinson’s Disease and Healthy Older Adults (HREC No. 1700000922)
Start Date: 1 January 2019
End Date: 30 June 2019
Principal Researcher: Andrew Hunt
Associate Researcher: Graham Kerr
Researchers Other: Ian Stewart; Geoffrey Minett; Matthew J Maley

Ethics Approval: Research Ethics Advisory Team, Office of Research Ethics & Integrity on behalf of the Chair, UHREC


Can Brain Stimulation Help People with Parkinson’s Disease?

QUT: Can Brain Stimulation Help Parkinson’s Disease (Seeking Participants WITH and WITHOUT Parkinson’s Disease)

Recruiting: November 2017 – November 2018

A PhD project from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is looking for participants. This project aims to examine the effects of transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) on balance during dual task performance in people with and without Parkinson’s disease (PD). tDCS is non-invasive and widely used in neuroscientific and clinical research in humans and is known to improve motor and cognitive abilities in people with and without PD.

Do you have difficulty swallowing or care for someone who does?

GRIFFITH: Exploring the experiences of people with dysphagia caused by stroke or Parkinson’s disease living at home and their caregivers

Recruiting Participants: 20th November 2017 – 31st March 2018

This study aims to understand the experiences of people with swallowing difficulties, known as dysphagia, who live at home, and that of caregivers caring for someone with swallowing difficulties.

Do you have trouble sleeping?

UQ: Melatonin for insomnia in Parkinson’s Disease

Melatonin is used to help sleep, but this scientific study will determine whether there is a true effect in individual people with Parkinson’s Disease. By recording individual symptoms in a sleep diary and using a special watch to record sleep patterns, we will be able to identify individual responders and non-responders to melatonin. This will have positive impacts on health and quality of life for both people with Parkinson’s Disease and their family members (especially carers).

Are you having trouble with your balance and gait?

QUT: Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on gait in people with Parkinson’s disease

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) is widely used in neuroscientific and clinical research and is known to improve movement abilities in people with and without Parkinson’s disease (PD). The aim of this research project is to examine whether gait and balance can be improved in people with and without PD using transcranial Direct Current Stimulation.

Are you experiencing postural instability?

QUT: Improving postural stability and reducing falls risk in people with Parkinson’s disease using textured insoles.

You are invited to participate in a study that will improve our understanding of how to prevent falls in older people and people with Parkinson’s disease.

Did you experience tropical cyclone Yasi or Debbie?

The experiences of those living with neurological conditions during Tropical Cyclone Yasi or Debbie – Participants required

Jenny Quaill is a postgraduate James Cook University student researching the experiences of people with neurological conditions during Tropical Cyclone Yasi or Debbie. This research will help to inform disaster preparedness activities for people with disabilities.

Do you have Parkinson’s? Feeling anxious?

A Non-Drug Treatment Trial for Anxiety in Parkinson’s disease – Participants required

We invite persons with Parkinson’s disease and their partner/caregiver to consider participating in our Parkinson’s disease research study examining a non-drug treatment to reduce anxiety. If you don’t have a caregiver/partner or if your caregiver/partner declines to participate, you can still participate in this clinical trial.

Would you like to dance for exercise?

QUT: Would you like to take part in a study to measure the impact of dance on people with Parkinson’s disease?

We are looking for:
Independently living, ambulatory men or women who are diagnosed as having idiopathic Parkinson’s disease; aged between 30 to 85 years; and who have not participated in a dance programme in the past six months.

Do you have Parkinson’s?

University of Sydney: Discipline of Speech Pathology: Online Survey
You are invited to participate in a study that will evaluate the validity of a Parkinson’s disease specific questionnaire that is currently used by speech pathologists. In this study, you are invited to complete an online survey. All identifying personal information will not be collected and responses will remain anonymous. The questions in the survey will include a range of relevant topics such as personal characteristics, physical and emotional well-being.

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